A place to get inspired. Interviews with like-minded and creative individuals sharing their artistic practices, infused with mindfulness and a deep connection to nature. Discover the power of creative expression as a pathway to stillness and inner peace.

Agarwood series

Our products are all hand-crafted with natural Agarwood; emphasis the unique enchantment and joyfulness of which Mother Nature has brought to us.

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Chinese Zodiac Blind Box

limited time offer!!! Any purchase of incense gets a chinese zodiac blind box for free. 12 signs in total, collect them all!

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止-Agarwood Gift Box Set

The fusion of art and agarwood brings consumers a space for meditation and inspiration drawn from philosophy.

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Fortune Reading

Our sensei participates in fortune reading for years. He combines Chinese Ba-zi with Fengshui study to calculate the most possible outcome of one’s future. Experience the mysteries and find out the wonders.

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Oudclub History

OudClub specializes in Agarwood product supply chain for over 15 years. Our sources are worldwide, including Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, India, China, and Australia. All products are hand-crafted by experienced sensei with the most significant part of each natural timber, in order to ensure the quality of its outcome.