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Bǎinián Sandalwood

Bǎinián Sandalwood

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Bai-nian Sandalwood is a precious wood sourced from the sandalwood tree, renowned for its extensive history and unique characteristics. It has garnered attention due to its lengthy growth period, often spanning centuries, making it one of the most sought-after aromatic woods. Bai-nian Sandalwood emits a rich, warm, and long-lasting natural fragrance.

  • Brand : Oudclub
  • Item Form : Stick
  • Material : Sandalwood
  • Weight : 50g
  • Country of Origin : Hainan

Burning Time:   Flammable for approximately 25 minutes in windless environment

    🌍 China - Hainan Mountains
    🌳 Natural Farm Sandalwood
    💧 Non-Immersive in Water
    🔥 High Heat Needed 

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