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Hǎinán chóngshí

Hǎinán chóngshí

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Hǎinán chóngshí agarwood refers to agarwood that has been naturally infected by insects, resulting in boreholes within the wood. This type of agarwood is prized for its unique aroma and higher resin content. The presence of insect boreholes adds to the complexity and character of the agarwood, giving it a distinct earthy and resinous scent.

  • Brand : Oudclub
  • Item Form : Stick
  • Material : Agarwood
  • Weight : 20g
  • Country of Origin : Hainan

Burning Time:   Flammable for approximately 25 minutes in windless environment

🌍 China - Hainan Mountains
🌳 Natural Farm Oud
💧 Non-Immersive in Water
🔥 High Heat Needed (Mica Is not recommended)

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