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【禅悅】:A warm woody fragrance with warmth and depth. Once ignited, the woody aroma of old mountain sandalwood fills the air, bringing warmth and tranquility. With a hint of milky sweetness lingering in the air, the fragrance is rich and mellow, as if one is placed in a warm and cozy temple.

【晚吟】:An elegant scent of aloeswood with a refreshing hint of grassy earthiness, reminiscent of the freshness after a rain. It carries a subtle hint of herbal fragrance, bringing a sense of contentment and peace.

【新瀚•芽庄】:With a pure and clean aroma, New Han • Nha Trang accentuates its sweetness with a subtle and elegant fragrance, reminiscent of honey sweetness with a refreshing twist.

【引梦】:Start off with a delicate, sweet pear scent followed by the sophisticated and soothing woody notes of sandalwood. 

【苍灵:惠安沉香】:The delicate woody fragrance of agarwood, accompanied by a faint hint of melon and floral scent.
  • Brand : MrGao
  • Item Form : Stick
  • Material : Agarwood
  • Weight : 20g/tube
  • Country of Origin : Hainan

Burning Time:   Flammable for approximately 45 minutes in windless environment

🌳 Natural Farm Agarwood
💧 Non-Immersive in Water
🔥 High Heat Needed 

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