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Southeast Asian Agarwood Assorted Bundle

Southeast Asian Agarwood Assorted Bundle

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From various regions across Southeast Asia including Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and more, Oudclub presents a diverse range of agarwood products. Each product represents the unique characteristics of its region and offers distinct benefits, providing you with a variety of experiences.

PS: Each incense comes with an outdoor travel portable incense rack.

  • Brand : Oudclub
  • Item Form : Piece
  • Material : Agarwood
  • Weight : 10g/piece
  • Quantity : 25 pieces
  • Country of Origin : Southeast asia

Burning Time:   Flammable for approximately 30 minutes in windless environment

🌳 Natural Farm Agarwood
💧 Non-Immersive in Water
🔥 High Heat Needed



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