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Xīzàng Incense-Cái Shén

Xīzàng Incense-Cái Shén

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Cái Shén is believed to have the power to alleviate stress, enhance financial luck, and foster prosperity.

Tibet agarwood incense emanates a deep and resinous fragrance, evoking a sense of ancient mystique and spiritual reverence. With its distinctively earthy and woody notes, interwoven with subtle hints of spice and floral undertones, this incense creates an atmosphere of tranquility and contemplation.

  • Brand : Oudclub
  • Item Form : Stick
  • Material : Agarwood
  • Weight : 55g/tube
  • Country of Origin : Tibet

Burning Time:   Flammable for approximately 55 minutes in windless environment

🌳 Natural Farm Agarwood
💧 Non-Immersive in Water
🔥 High Heat Needed 

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